moodboard 04 // and the joys of hand-lettering

Friday, November 1, 2013

in a perfect world, i would be a chalkboard artist. or a calligrapher. or maybe someone who gets to make handwritten stationary. if there are people out there who spend their days creating beautiful letters, i'd like to spend my days with them. i love anything handmade and handwritten. my cousin kate is to thank for that. she has the most amazing handwriting i've ever seen. seriously. i noticed it for the first time when i was little. she scribbled something down on a sticky note - probably a phone number or a quick to-do list, you know, something pretty ordinary - and i remember thinking that that little tiny note belonged in a frame. mounted above someone's fireplace. like, the President's.

handwriting is so personal. that's why i love getting letters in the mail. it's amazing what you can tell about someone just by the way they scribble out an 's'. i've always liked that people's handwriting seems to match their personality. ever notice that? my mom's writing is really soft and bubbly. j's is all neat and precise. my dad's is kind of scratchy. there are few things in my daily routine that require a pen and paper anymore. nowadays, any work i need to do can all be done on a computer. i need to find more reasons to write things down. make more lists. write more letters.

anyway. back to my perfect world. here's what i imagine - i'd have a tiny charming studio with lots of windows and definitely a window seat or two. it might be near a river. there would be piles of books all over the place and it would always smell like coffee. and cookies. my uniform would consist of wool socks, big cozy sweaters, and even bigger glasses. norah jones would probably be playing in the background. my (future) golden retriever would fall asleep on my feet while i designed thank-you cards and wedding invitations. days would be spent lettering, and nights would be spent at the chalkboard.

what a life.

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  1. That perfect world seems wonderful, if it ever happens I hope to be apart of the coffee-drinking thank-you-card-making club too :-)

  2. Make it happen, my love. My boyfriend is always telling me that people on top of mountains didn't just fall there. If you want it to happen you will have to make it so - and what a dreamy existence it sounds like!
    I love handwriting too. I have a habit of changing mine ALL the time though , and I can't really control it, try I might. I wonder what that says about my personality..? :s


  3. I love that adventure t-shirt! What is your pinterest name? I'd like to follow you, but can't seem to find any links... Thanks in advance! :)

  4. Hey! You should check out Jessica Hische's site ( She sounds like the perfect inspiration for you <3 -Abby (

    1. ooooh la la! thanks for sharing! i love sites like this.

  5. I can't get over how lovely your blog is! Great moodboard girly :)
    xo TJ


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