About The Author

H   E   L   L   O

I'm Heather.
Lover of paperback books, chocolate cake, and very strong coffee. In the spirit of adventure, I recently packed my bags and moved to New York City. Before that, I spent a few years living in Oregon where I could usually be spotted riding my bike, making lattés, and reading feminist literature. Lately, my days are spent exploring the city and trying to casually bump into Jerry Seinfeld.

Here's the SparkNotes version: (n) 1. fabulous feminist  2. good listener 3. one who specializes in girl power and red wine 

Dark haired, fair skinned lady of mystery. Collector of coffee mugs and handwritten letters. Fan of warm socks, string lights, and all things Anthropologie. Known for her handwriting, latté art, and extraordinary taste in tiny cupcakes. Bike rider, photo taker. Happiest on an adventure. 

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