new york // and why (moving there) is always a good idea

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

alright people, let's talk shop. in t-2 months, j and i are moving to new york.

i realized it was high time to start writing about this, seeing as how new york is truly the only thing buzzing around my brain (at all times) (every day) (help me). really though - the closer we get to The Big Move, the harder it is for me to think about  a n y t h i n g  else. biking to school? new york. doing laundry? new york. debating between original and double-stuffed oreos? new york. (always go original, by the way)

moving to new york city is something i never thought i would do. even today, this close to the move, it still sounds like one of those things that someone-i-wish-i-was would do. you know what i mean? i have to keep reminding myself that this time, i really am that person. me me me! the whole thing is kind of thrilling. and kind of terrifying.

hopefully, thrilling + terrifying = adventure.

this photo was taken during our last trip. j had just taken me ice skating in central park because people do that in real life and i was like WHAT MOVIE AM I IN RIGHT NOW. and also, THIS PLACE IS MAGICAL. and finally, WE SHOULD LIVE HERE. and he was like, "okay!"

and that's how it happened.

just kidding.

i really can't believe that i haven't written more about this. there's so much to write! so much to tell you! for instance: how this wild idea first came to be, the moment - the ridiculous look on our faces - when we realized that we could actually make it happen, what our friends and family have been saying, the planning that we've been doing (or lack thereof), why we don't think it's crazy to move to nyc with only $12 in our pockets, etc etc etc.

instead of trying to tell you everything at once, let's start with some background -

the first thing you should know is that i've only been to new york two times. i think i've spent a grand total of 17 days in manhattan. maybe less. who knows. whatever the magic number is, it was more than enough time to convince me that that was the place i was supposed to be. (really though, i think one day would have been enough) i remember flying back to oregon after my last trip and feeling so sad - like i was leaving this major piece of myself behind. and it was only my second visit!

fast forward one year later, and here i am, buying a one-way ticket.

as far as plans go, the end! that's all we've got.
we're moving without jobs and without any real place to live (minor details). we don't have any friends in the city. just about everything in our apartment right now is going to be sold or donated. the couch, the bed, the table and chairs, the desk. probably even the plants! (sorry, plants) this next chapter of our lives is going to start with whatever we can cram into our suitcases. fortunately, my suitcase is roughly the same size as your refrigerator, so i'm not too panicked (yet).

there are so many unknowns to this whole thing. so many risks. and potentially, so many rewards. sometimes i wonder if we're setting ourselves up for total disaster and disappointment. so many unknowns! but other times, i think this might be the best and most exciting thing i could do right now. and how will we know unless we try?

besides. new york city is always a good idea.


  1. This is so inspiring Heather! I'm so happy for the both of you. I dream of living in New York and honestly I haven't visited but I'm afraid that when I do, I'll fall in love and never want to leave. So happy for your journeys!

  2. This makes my heart so happy and inspired that you two are very much spontaneously moving to the city! I've dreamed of this my entire life, and I am going to make it happen after college, as crazy as that sounds. I am so excited for you two and YES PLEASE post more on NYC!! I love not having plans and just seeing where life takes you.. xoxo

    ps this past summer, I got rid of over half of my belongings after another school year in my college town, moved to North Dakota with two baskets of clothes and blankets. and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I will remember this past summer forever. so for you to be actually moving there, for a long while.. so cool.

  3. Wow what an amazing move, that literally sounds like a dream I know what you mean!!xx

  4. OHMYGOSH what an amazing adventure! I have so much respect for you both making this move with so little to take with you - I can't think of a more spontaneous, romantic or heroic way to do it!! I'm SO looking forward to reading all about it and I wish you so much luck. :) :) Think of the stories you will tell your children and grandchildren about the time you moved to New York with nothing but each other...My grandparents did something similar and said it was a time when they were "poor and happy".


  5. I wanna move to NY extremely bad, & I'm trying to convince my fiance we should, but she's not having it. Lol. xxx

  6. I'm so excited for you, I'm moving to London in a week so am in a similar state of 'need to feed the cats' (London) 'did I remember to lock the door?' (London) 'what should I have for lunch?' (London)

    It's cray, my whole life has been taken over x

  7. i'm so excited for you! i'm in a transition of moving as well. it's not as big as moving to NYC, but i get the drill. here's to more adventurous years of life!

  8. you're moving here the same time I'm planning to move away from nyc :) I'm also gearing up to experience a big move with no job and no real place to live. this post was really encouraging for me!

  9. This is great! I'm not as inspired by NYC, but I love the idea of selling everything and uprooting your life to a new place. I live in Connecticut right now, but would love to move to the west coast in the next couple of years. Best of luck with this adventure! I'm sure it will be amazing :)

  10. Wow. Heather, you must read my story of moving to California! ( As your move to NYC is soo closely relate-able to mine! Chris and I probably spent a total of 2 weeks in Sacramento before deciding to move there... and like you, coming back home, I felt as though I left a part of me there. That I was MEANT to be there. Months later, we were planning our move. And that summer, we were gone! We also sound almost all of our belongings, had no jobs or a house lined up. Seriously, this was soo against my character! But it was so thrilling.

    And I can't even tell how well everything lined up -- it was almost too easy. We found the pefect apartment two days after arriving and jobs the following week. I believe, if you're meant to be there, everything else will fall in to place. :)

    I am BEYOND EXCITED for you guys! And can not wait to tag along with you via your blog and imagery. Seriously, so happy for you!!

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  12. My husband and I did the exact same thing last Summer immediately after our wedding! We didn't have jobs and lived off of our savings account for a few months and it was a bit scary... but it was the best decision of our lives! I am so happy that you are embracing this opportunity! I have subscribed to follow you on your journey. Wishing you all the best during this INCREDIBLE TIME!



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