When did you start writing a blog?
I started writing in April 2013. You can read my first post, here!

Who is J, what is J short for, and why don't you post more photos of him? 
J is my handsome gentleman friend. I like to keep his name short and sweet for the sake of The Internet. He is a man of mystery, which is probably why you don't see more photos of him. He also hates having his picture taken, despite my best efforts. "No press, no press!" he says.

Hmm. Fine. Will you at least tell us how you two met? 
Sure! We worked at the same cafĂ© in college, and one day we bumped into each other in front of the bagel display. (Can you say, scandalous?) He has very blue eyes and I am very irresistible, so it was bound to happen. We both (secretly) love country music, Oreos, and binge-watching our favorite TV shows on the weekend, so it was really only a matter of time.

So you moved to New York City without a job. Would you recommend that to anyone else?
Yes and no (but mostly yes). J and I both moved here without jobs simply because we love New York and seriously couldn't wait one more day to get over here. We graduated college and a week later we were on a plane. But. The main reason we were able to do that is because we both have really supportive families. J's parents were kind enough to let us live with them during our first month here. My parents are always supportive of whatever adventure I want to dive into. We definitely owe our parents for helping us make this happen. Moving anywhere without a secure job is obviously risky, but if it means living somewhere that you love, I'd say it's worth it.

What made you want to live in NYC?
Is that a trick question?

How can you afford to live in New York? 
Good question! I'm still figuring it out. For the most part it really came down to saving as much as I could before I moved, and trying not to spend too much now that I'm here. The hard part about New York is that temptation is all over the place - there are amazing restaurants, bars, and shops everywhere you look. Stores dedicated entirely to cupcakes. I try to walk around town with tunnel-vision. That saves me loads of cash!

K, but really. How do you afford it.
Oh. Well, I worked as a barista for 4 years before moving to New York, and I saved all of my tips. I used to spend my tip money every once in awhile on things like laundry, but when I officially decided I wanted to move here, I saved every last penny. Read more about that, here. I think it's all relative, though. There are expensive ways to live in New York, and not-so-expensive ways. Isn't that true anywhere you live? 

Do you miss Oregon? 
Absolutely! The Pacific Northwest is where it's at. If I ever leave New York, there's no question that I'll head straight back to Oregon. That place has a special kind of magic.

What's something we don't know about you?
When I discover a blog that I like, I always scroll all the way back to their very first post, and start reading from there. Otherwise it feels like I'm starting a book right in the middle. I like to know where stories begin.

Why do you keep blogging? 
Jenn said it best - writing is my version of a cold beer. 

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