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Friday, September 6, 2013

yesterday it rained for the first time all summer.

okay, so it might have rained here, too.
but this time it wasn't just rain. it was my dear old friend, Pouring Rain. (we share a long history of love). as i left for work, there was thunder and lightning all over the place. the sky went from blue to black in a matter of seconds. cars slowed down, umbrellas went up. street lights flickered on, and the line for hot coffee grew. there's something wonderful about that kind of weather that makes everything instantly and infinitely better (if you ask me).

unfortunately, today hasn't been as cold and cloudy as i would have liked. damn you, Pouring Rain! you temptress! so, i was really left with no choice but to make my own rainy day. i closed all the blinds, brewed a cup of coffee, and am currently in the middle of 'sleepless in seattle' (because nothing says "adios, summer!" like seattle rain).

i'm ready for fall. maybe even aching for fall (aching, i tell you!). sure, summer has its perks. i'm gonna miss the smell of sunscreen as much as the next guy. but i want dark skies. i want the thunder to shake us awake in the middle of the night. i'm ready to run through the rain to catch my bus. i'm ready to be cold. i want to wear scarves and boots and dust off my old winter coats. come on. surely i'm not the only one who's ready for pumpkin spice lattes and wool socks. aren't you ready for all that autumn-y goodness too?

all those in favor of trading in our sundresses for sweaters, please say "I".

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  1. I! I love autumn, can't wait to wear scarves and dodge the rain!xx

  2. Sweater weather is better weather! ♥ Can't wait to get out the knitted jumpers.

  3. We are going into summer Down Under and I am welcoming my sundresses back with open arms! Winter has been too long and frosty.


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