sundays, new york, and other delights

Sunday, August 25, 2013

sunday has slowly but surely become my favorite day of the week.

while saturday might seem like the obvious choice, there really is something special saved just for sundays. know what i mean? sundays are quiet and relaxing and cozy in a way that all the other days of the week just can't seem to be.

in the true spirit of sunday, today i woke up to the sound of rain. based on my reaction, you'd think it was christmas morning or something. i admit, i have a lot of favorite things, but rain really is at the top of the list. plus! it's been months since we've had any rain around here, so i'd say it was about time for a good downpour. without missing a beat, i threw open the windows, brewed a pot of coffee, and settled in to watch breakfast at tiffany's for what must be the one-hundred-and-eighty-seventh time (another favorite).

if you ask me, breakfast at tiffany's really deserves a whole post to itself, but i'll save that for another day.

what with the rain and holly golightly and Cat (the poor no-name slob) i couldn't help but think about new york. if you've been following house of h for awhile, you know that in a few months, j & i are moving from oregon to new york city. i've resisted the urge to start crossing days off the calendar or even to count how many days are "left" until the Big Move because i'm pretty sure if i do, i'll just wind up driving myself mad and months will start to feel like years.

while i try not think spend every second of the day thinking about new york, sometimes there really is no avoiding it.

these are a few photos from our last trip to nyc. 
it was the first time i've ever worn 3 jackets at once, and the last time i really felt at home. the last time i really felt that i was in the right place at the right time. do you know that feeling? that, of all the places in the entire world, somehow you've managed to land right where you're supposed to be? 

that's what new york feels like to me. 

there are still a few unknowns when it comes to the Big Move.


just kidding. i'd say it's 95% unknown. a big jumbalaya of unknowns! a giant pot of unknowns that we're choosing to dive into head-first. (where are we going to live? how are we going to pay for things? hooray!) maybe in a few years we'll look back on this stage in our lives and laugh at what fools we were to think that things like 'moving across the country without a secure job' sounded like an adventure.

maybe we are fools. but i think i'm okay with that.
j & i have both reached a point where we're ready for change. big, big changes. and we've decided that new york is just the sort of change we need. it's funny, really. besides all the fun, sparkly things that come to mind when you think about nyc, lately, most of the things i've been reading have been pretty daunting (or so they try to be). it's all about how new york will kick your ass and take your money and your happiness and your soul and turn you into a bitter, rotten tomato.

i'm sure any seasoned new yorker can attest to this, to one degree or another. if you'd like, you can read about the true devil that new york really is here and here. most of the time, when we tell people that we're moving to new york, we are met with one of two reactions. the first is the blank stare. just a long blank stare, usually followed by "you know it's really expensive over there, right?" or reaction two - the always reassuring look of shock/horror/awe. based on their facial expressions, you'd think we were telling people that we were voluntarily cutting off our limbs.

new york is funny in that way, i guess. have you ever heard of a place having such an effect on a person?

well. even if we do end up as bitter, rotten tomatoes with no money and no souls, we're still going to give it a try. how could we not? how could YOU not? (secretly, i think everyone should live in new york at least once in their lives)

if you ever need to feel a little bit better about new york city, try this, this, and this.

and look! more helpful tips that have been reassuring me that we are not in fact crazy for making this leap:

a guide to moving to new york city

tips for life in a tiny apartment

nyc guide: 10 ways to not look like a tourist


  1. sundays! rain! breakfast at tiffany's! favorites of mine as well.

    and either i forgot or didn't know that you were moving to nyc...almost cried while reading this because someday (after college) i am moving there. i am, i swear.

    lovely photos + words. so excited for you & this new adventure!!

    1. thanks lady! i hope when the opportunity comes for you to move to new york, you'll take it. i think too many people are intimidated by it, but i say it's worth a shot. what's to lose? :)

      thanks for reading. xx

  2. sunday morning + rain = great combination.

    changes are always thrilling and exciting. good luck on your move. here's to new adventure!

    1. thanks niken! a new adventure sounds pretty nice right about now.

  3. These photos are gorgeous, hope the move goes to plan! You have such a lovely blog :) ox

    1. thanks lady!
      i hope the move goes well too. i'm sure just *getting* ourselves over there will be an adventure in itself. we shall see.

      thanks for reading!

  4. I write for -- Thanks for the shout out! sounds like you are really excited to move to NYC!

    1. thanks for all the great tips! i'll definitely be putting them to use. ;)

  5. Ok for what it's worth, my first reaction to you moving to New York was something along the lines of, "no freaking way, I WANT TO BE YOU SO BAD." but I laughed at the reactions you've been getting from other people. haha, what, do they not know the sheer magic of that incredible city? That post on Taza's blog (or Naomi? Can never remember what her name is) did get me a little down though, if there's one thing that irks me more than anything it would be stealing.
    BUT I'm still incredibly jealous and think the benefits far outweigh the cons in this case. And goodness just when I thought I couldn't love your blog any more than I do, you move to NY! haha so now I will officially be obsessed.

    1. haylee! thank you so much for the kind words. your comment was the first thing i read this morning and it immediately put me in a happier mood.

      and hey now! *that* is the kind of reaction about new york i've been waiting for! ha. i appreciate what you said about the benefits outweighing the cons. thats a great way to think about it (and i hope it turns out to be true!).

      thanks again for reading. it's always nice to know that someone out there is actually reading the words you write. and i'm glad that now i can start following along with your blog!


  6. You are going to kill it over there, I'm sure! New York was surely made for someone as cool and creative as you. And I can't wait to live in NYC vicariously through this blog when you do. x

    1. ah, you are too kind m'lady. thank you!

      while you live vicariously through my new york adventures, i'll be doing the same with yours in sydney. i'd say its a fair trade.

  7. I just made a big change myself--moving from the east coast, where I've lived most of my life, out to (wait for it) Portland, Oregon. I had never been to Portland, let alone Oregon, before moving out here two months ago. Somehow, between episodes of Portlandia and people telling me how gosh darn weird it is out here I figured it would work. And somehow it has, so far. I know making a big move is terrifying and complicated and expensive and sometimes awful, but it also teaches you SO much. And NYC really is an awesome city (although, spoiler alert, you'll need to drive across the state line to dirty Jersey to get your gas pumped for you!). New Yorkers just like to complain. Plus, now you might get to live my dream of running into Naomi from Love Taza!

    Basically: good luck! It's going to be a wonderful ride.


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