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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

and here we are! another tuesday.

this past weekend was nice and quiet. j & i spent the week at work and the weekend unwinding at home. we had big plans to sleep in on saturday and sunday, but the universe wasn't about to have any of that. i'm convinced that the city is playing some kind of cruel joke on our neighborhood because for the past week, street-sweepers and those leaf-blower-guys have been starting at five in the morning. right. outside. our. window. five in the morning, you guys! it's blasphemy!

anyhow. we spent most of the weekend watching football and eating pizza because it's (finally!) that time of year again. we went on a hike. rode bikes. oh! and the most important part - we (sadly and reluctantly) finished our seinfeld marathon. have i mentioned that for the past few months we've been watching all the seasons from start to finish? (we really like to commit) j had already seen most of the episodes, but i went into the marathon as a full-fledged seinfeld virgin (i bet you didn't think there were any of us left!). needless to say, a few months and roughly 180 episodes later, we're both going through withdrawals. i need more elaine! more jerry! (actually, what i really need is this)

so that was the weekend.

and now for some tunes.

tuesday tunes: for starting the day off right. 
* without fail, i always have a better day/a better attitude/a better outlook if i start the day off with good music. here's a jumbalaya of songs that have been making me feel good before i go.

01. dear marie - john mayer
02. who's who - the weight & hurry
03. million faces - paolo nutini
04. diamonds on the inside - ben harper
05. september - pomplamoose
06. you're a wolf - seawolf 
07. big parade - the lumineers
08. the love club - lorde
09. heart it races - dr. dog
10. afternoon - youth lagoon
11. furr - blitzen trapper

for easy listening, click here to listen on spotify.


  1. ♥ I wish I had spent the weekend unwinding. I have been so busy. I've had to work.
    Great playlist. :')

    1. Hopefully you can unwind soon! Hope this playlist helps. Music always helps me get through my busiest weeks.

  2. I love your music taste! Pomplamoose are brilliant, I love the videos! :Pxx

    1. Aren't they the best?

      Thanks for reading (and listening!). xx

  3. We have similar taste in morning-music! And your blog is lovely, definitely adding it to my read list!

  4. You know.. I never really got into Seinfeld, however! I did win tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld live and it was absolutely amazing. Hilarious! Definitely a memorable night. So happy to have attended and see his stand-up. Definitely appreciate the guy (and the show!) so so much more.

    Really great mix this week, Heather! Always love your playlists. I do hope you include your favorite song from this summer in my Blogger's Mixtape! :) I'd love to include you!

  5. Perfect playlist for my sunday morning :)
    So glad I came across your blog, I've spent the past 30 minutes reading through your posts and admiring your mood boards. So inspiring x


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