tuesday tunes: for staying under the covers all day

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

so far, most of my day has been spent eating dried mangos and wishing i could hide under my covers all day instead of go to work. we woke up to another gray and misty morning which made getting out of bed even more difficult than usual. (i'm sure you've had one or two of these mornings yourself)

as part of my new weekly series tuesday tunes: music for every mood, this week i've put together a small collection of songs for the inner bedhead in us all.

this week, here are some tunes for staying under the covers all day. 
* goes well with closed blinds, warm blankets, and heavy eyelids.

for easy listening, click here to listen on spotify. 
01. big black car - gregory alan isakov
02. orange sky - alexi murdoch
03. be still my heart - peter bradley adams
04. hiding place - holley maher
05. arms of a woman - amos lee
06. the trapeze swinger - iron & wine
07. heartbeats - josé gonzales
08. samson - regina spektor
09. waiting on an angel - ben harper
10. mother don't look down - peter bradley adams

for more tunes, click here.


  1. so apt for me right now. I had one of those mornings as well, just wanted to pretend school hasn't started again!

  2. I loooove iron and wine and regina spektor, so im going to have to check out the rest!

  3. I love these choices, and I agree with Chelsea Elizabeth, Regina Spector and Iron and Wine are my favouritesss :)xx

  4. Oh, I love days like that! But rarely ever do I get the chance to stay in bed... definitely wish those days were here more often. :)

    Great playlist, Heather!! A really good mix.


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