tuesday tunes: that make you feel good to be alive

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

i'm pretty sure my running playlist has been the same for the past six years.

six years, people.

this morning as i was jogging (/dragging myself) up what i swear must have been a 90-degree hill, i realized that some new music might do me some good. (katy perry and rihanna can only motivate a girl for so long, you know?) and maybe it will do you some good, too! we all need more music in our lives, if you ask me.

in an effort to broaden all of our musical horizons, i'm starting a new weekly series here at house of h. every tuesday, you can count on a new playlist. each will be made specially with one mood in mind.

this week, here are some tunes that make you feel good to be alive.

for easy listening, click here to listen on spotify.

01. same love - macklemore & ryan lewis ft. mary lambert
02. white nights - oh land
03. hey mama - mat kearney
04. by the sea - summer fiction
05. lights out, words gone - bombay bicycle club
06. east coast girl - cayucas
07. hold on - alabama shakes
08. where the kids are - blond fire
09. teenage crime - adrian lux
10. sail - noosa
11. wildfire - john mayer


  1. Yay! I always love a good playlist. :) I'm adding you to Spotify right now. We seem to have similar taste in music. :)

    I'm really excited for this new series of yours, Heather! I hope you contribute to the Bloggers Mixtape I will be creating next month. :)

  2. LOVE this. I've been thinking I needed to get some new running music as well. it's the nicest motivation! thanks!


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