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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A year ago today I moved to New York.
I had been visiting family in Portland, Oregon at the time and all I remember us talking about was what type of jobs I could apply for, why I shouldn't give up when things (inevitably) got hard, and where my first apartment might end up being. I spent the whole day wondering if I had made the right decision, if it was a mistake to move across the country from all my friends and family, and would the adventure be worth it?
One year later, here I am again. I spent this week with family in Portland and am taking that very same flight tonight back to New York City. It's surreal to realize that a whole year has gone by and to find myself in the same spot exactly 365 days later (home). All week I've been saying that it's "dangerous" for me to come back to Oregon because it tempts me with all the best things - my favorite people, stormy weather, great coffee. I've said it before, but there's something about the pacific northwest that just makes you feel good
A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to imagine what 2014 would hold. When I boarded that plane, I was so nervous and unsure about what was next. I worried about feeling lonely, about never finding friends as good as the ones I already had, about never finding a job, about failing. I'm so happy that it's now, because now I know that the adventure was so worth it. Now, I can't imagine not knowing the friends that I've made in New York. (How did I go so long without them?) I can't imagine not knowing the pure joy that is a pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli or how awesome the Upper West Side looks in November. Of course, there are things I wish that I actually couldn't imagine (like the smell of the 23rd Street station at 2am or how it feels to be squished on a train during rush hour). But no place is perfect. ;)
Part of me wishes I could go back to that scared version of myself and say, Self, it's going to be great. But part of me thinks the not-knowing is what makes the adventure so worthwhile. I would be so mad at myself today if I hadn't gotten on that plane a year ago. Even if New York doesn't end up being forever, never giving it a try would have been the biggest mistake I've ever made. So with that I say, cheers to you, 2014! I think this has been my favorite year yet.  
2015, COME AT ME.

a new york minute | 0:02

Saturday, December 27, 2014

One of the best parts about living in New York City is getting to tell people that you live in New York City. I know it, and you know it. I wouldn't be surprised if most people moved to New York just so they could flaunt a 212 - er, 646 - area code (and who would blame them?). Last year, during the months leading up to my move from the west coast to the east coast, any time someone would ask about my "post-grad plans", I secretly relished the moment I got to tell them I was moving to Manhattan. Of course, I played it cool (while visions of thin-crust pizza danced in my head). Sometimes I even tried to get "Manhattan" out in the middle of a yawn to seem extra nonchalant and extra, you know, cool (because moving to Manhattan makes you cool). COOL I TELL YOU.

I quickly learned that people have one of two reactions to the statement, "I am moving to New York". The first is Excitement. Behind door #1 is lots of clapping and smiling and cheering you on. People say "Wow!" and their eyes turn into tiny little stars. The second reaction is Complete And Utter Horror (or Disgust) - door #2 - of which I am much more familiar. On one of the nights leading up to my move, I had drinks with a friend in Portland, Oregon when our bartender overheard me nonchalantly blabbing about "the city". He was mid-pour when he stopped, looked me dead in the eye and said, "I would never move to fucking New York City. You know why? Because it smells and people suck." 
And with that, off I went into the wild! 

the weekly roundup

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Please pat yourself on the back, because we made it to the best week of the year! We made it, guys. We made it.
On behalf of the entire human race, I'd like to declare Christmas the Best Season of the Year. I realize this isn't exactly news, but for some reason it seems even truer this year. Between summer, spring, fall, and Christmas, there really is no competition. Christmas is definitely the most popular girl in school.
Are you on vacation yet? Are you sleeping in past 8am, yet? I sure hope so. Mom and I have been spending every day in our pajamas (with no shame!) and are committing to a strict diet of cookies and red wine - and so should you. Because this is America - and it's almost Christmas! So here's to putting up your Out Of Office message, putting on fuzzy socks, and spending the next week doing whatever the hell you want.

happy holidays, from california

Monday, December 22, 2014

I have a tendency to forget just how great Christmas in California is. 
Living in Oregon and New York these past four years has turned me into a serious weather/season snob. In case you didn't know, California has one season - hot - and as I'm sure you do know, all I want in life is to live inside this Hallmark card and drink hot toddies and have chestnuts roasting on an open fire every single day. California is not exactly the place for chestnuts or open fires and so begins my annual Bashing of The West Coast (where is my loyalty?!).
Like clockwork, every December I carry out my favorite tradition of saying really annoying things like, "Ugh, an 80-degree Christmas is sooo unnatural!" and "I shouldn't be wearing shorts in December. It's just wrong." (In all fairness it's hard to see the appeal of sunshine when you're strolling through a very sparkly New York City)
Here I am basking in a crisp 75 degrees, once again reminded of how great "Walking In A Winter Wonderland" sounds with sand between my toes. Guys! California in December is the best. According to my calculations over these past few days, life on the west coast consists of walking along the beach, wine tasting, ordering excessive amounts of cheese plates, and sleeping. Is this what heaven looks like? I'm starting to think it might be.
In conclusion, West Coast Best Coast (at least for the next ten days).

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