thanks, Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving, am I right? 
Thanksgiving is the best for lots of reasons but my personal favorite is getting to sleep in on a Thursday. If your boss isn't a terrorist then you probably get to sleep in on Friday, too! Talk about great times. I like Thanksgiving because it's reliable - you can always count on that last Thursday of the month. Christmas on the other hand, while it may be the King of holidays, always jumps around. Christmas is stubborn and insists on being on the 25th every year (rude, right?), which means sometimes it falls on a Friday - or worse! - a Saturday. Nothing's worse than a holiday that falls on a weekend (I'm talking to you, Fourth of July, 2015!!) because this means less days for you to hang out in your pajamas and have wine for lunch. 
J & I are staying in New York for the holiday which I'm actually pretty excited about. We'll be contributing more than just bread tomorrow (shocking, I know) which means we (as in he) will start cooking some things tonight. As you know, I am a terrible cook so I think my role will be more of a cheerleader than a chef.
"You're doing great!"
"Go spinach dip, go!"
"Looking steamy, broccoli!" 
I think it'll be a good day. What are you doing for the big feast?


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