doing nothing and feeling awesome about it

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sometimes, my favorite thing in the world is doing absolutely nothing. 
For starters, I'm great at it. Not moving a muscle happens to be one of my specialties. I am a solid 10 when it comes to being a vegetable. While we're at it, I might as well tell you that (sometimes) nothing makes me happier than cancelled plans. I also get a secret thrill any time I turn my phone settings to 'Airplane Mode' in lieu of cutting off all communication with the outside world. Also, when I was 5 I took a Hershey's bar from the grocery store without paying for it.
Of course, that's not what I'm supposed to tell you. I'm supposed to tell you (and anyone who asks) that my hobbies are "hiking and biking and traveling and running and doing yoga and dancing and shopping and exploring and making things with my hands and always living life to the fullest!!!!!" 
Sometimes I like to live life to the fullest and sometimes I just like to sit on my couch. I also like to watch House Hunters marathons for six hours straight and not shower until 8pm. Sometimes I just want to hang out with my cat(s). 
And you know what? I FEEL GREAT ABOUT IT! And so should you. 
I am 99% sure that J considers this to be one of my less attractive qualities. (Also on the list: my inability to change the toilet-paper-roll-holder-thing, my charming habit of eating Nutella straight from the jar, and my incessant desire to live in an asylum). Without fail, every Saturday morning before my eyes are even open, he is showered, caffeinated, and practically out the door. My weekend alarm clock has quickly become the distant sound of his voice asking "Are you ready to go yet?!" as he sprints down the stairs (towards adventure, no doubt). 
What was that you said? You're spending Labor Day weekend on your best friend's boat? Bon voyage! I'll be waving at you from my couch.


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