28 hours a day

Monday, August 11, 2014

Almost every Monday morning without fail, I spring out of bed, put my hands on my hips and tell myself, Self, this week you are going to blog every single day!  Then I put on my cape, wolf down a bowl of Wheaties, and fly to work. Sometimes I even yell, To infinity, and beyond! 
Five minutes later and somehow it's already Thursday at 9pm, I haven't written a thing, and I am once again reminded that I am not in fact a super hero (but I do look great in capes). 
How we are already knee-deep into August is a complete mystery to me. Time has been flying lately and my window of blogging-time seems to be getting smaller and smaller every day. I've been lucky enough to do some traveling for work over the past few months, which has been keeping me both busy and away from the computer. I'd like to put in a request (to, the universe? to the world?) for 28-hour days so that I can have dedicated time to actually sit down and write. There's just no time any more! I remember reading this post awhile ago and thinking, Ha! Full time job or not, there will always be plenty of time to blog. It's turning out to be harder than I imagined. But I'm trying! Little pockets of time here, a little bit of free time there. 

But really, back to these 28-hour days. Who should I address my request to?


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