we found an apartment!

Friday, February 14, 2014

We found an apartment! We found an apartment! We found an apartment! 
Ring the gong! Light the firecrackers! Pop the champagne!

J & I will be celebrating Valentines Day by spending our first night in our new apartment. Great timing, right? (Thanks, universe!) Tonight, the guest count includes:
- Us
- Our air mattress
- One large pepperoni-jalapeno-spinach pizza

Can you say, romance?

We'll be spending the weekend moving in and getting settled. Unlike our last move, this one should be pretty painless. The only things we actually have to move are 2 suitcases and 4 FedEx boxes (everything we own fits in there - I'm still amazed). Until we start buying furniture, our air mattress will not only be playing the role of Our Bed, but it will also be starring as The Dining Room Table, The Desk, The Office Chair, and The Couch.

I love that we get to start from scratch. The first thing we want to do is paint (we're tossing around the idea of an orange kitchen - !! - any opinions?). The second thing I want to do is turn all of our walls into little art galleries. I've been pinning up a storm with home decor ideas + inspiration. I've basically spent the last month dreaming about decorating a new apartment, and let me just say, I don't know how much longer I can wait.

We'll be internet-less for awhile, but stay tuned! Apartment details coming soon.

P.S. Who wouldn't want all of these prints on their walls? Ah.

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  1. congratulations!! so happy for you, searching for apartments is a pain. can't wait to hear more soon!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  2. When my girlfriend and I first arrived in Portland our air mattress served a similar function.

    It's a desk! It's a couch! It's a bed!

    By golly, that silly thing might as well have been Superman, too.

    Congratulations are in order for finally finding a place to call home, and best of luck with decorating! I'm sure your place will be far too adorable in no time. And what better way to wile away the cold snowy NYC weather than painting and decorating? Can't wait to see what come of it!

    (also, SLIGHTLY obsessed with your shot of Shake Shack on your blog opener. Golly, it's a beauty.)

  3. This is so exciting!! Happy moving and valentines day celebrating x

  4. Congratulations! Getting settled into an apartment is such a big step. I can't wait to hear about all your ideas and progress making it home and exploring your neighborhood.

    An orange kitchen sounds crazy but awesome! Go for it! Paint is infinitely changeable if you come to hate it.

    And we've all been there with the air mattress. It's rough for a while but you just keep telling yourself how much you love NYC!

  5. so exciting! post lots of pictures!

  6. so and the fiance will be moving in together soon!!

    xo erica

  7. When we moved into our first apartment together we had one bed, one chair, and plastic beer cups to drink champagne out of. Yes.... and we felt like we owned the world. Good luck with making your new place a home! X Jane

  8. you guys are so amazing, to fit all of your things into such small spaces. good for you!

    and how fun is it going to be, decorating this new space. good luck!

  9. Congratulations :) hope you have a lot of fun decorating :)

  10. Aww the prints are so so pretty! Congrats on moving in, thats so exciting, I love decorating new places. I have a pinterest board for it actually you might like ( it has ideas of what I'd like to do when I have my own home:)xx


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