things new york has taught me

Friday, February 28, 2014

01. The best time of day to ride the subway. 
Early morning, when everyone is showered and awake and  in good enough of a mood to read the newspaper and give up their seats to the elderly.

02. The worst time of day to ride the subway.
Between 5-6:30pm, when the train turns into a sardine can, crammed with tired, cranky people who are too busy sweating through their 3-piece suits to give a damn about the elderly.

03. How to be a professional Speed Walker. 
Around here, walking down the street is like merging onto the freeway, but without a slow lane. Last weekend I sprained my foot for some "mysterious, unknown reason". (I blame my dedication to speed walking)

04. That it really is okay to wear black every day.

05. How much I hate sales tax.
Besides all the rainy days, the quinoa, and the bike-riding, one of my favorite things about living in Oregon was having no sales tax. Cereal and paper towels didn't claim to be something they weren't, you know? If they say they're $5.00, then they really are $5.00. I like my cereal and my paper towels to be honest with me. Sales tax is really putting a strain on my relationship with Cheerios.

06. No matter how much I don't want to admit it, there *is* a burger out there that's better than In N Out.
When I lived in Oregon, all my Oregon friends tried to convince me that this place and that place had better burgers than In N Out. (As if they knew anything about burgers) Fortunately, I am both a native Californian and a good American, so I wasn't about to be fooled. Trust me when I say, it's In N Out or bust. Except...when it comes to Shake Shack. All it took was one bite (one bite!). Now I can't even look In N Out in the eye.

07. "14 degrees outside. Wind chill feels like negative 11" is something you can get used to.
Like I said, native Californian. I used to wear winter coats in 60-degree weather. Last night it was so windy that my bag literally flew off my arm. I've only been here for two months and already, 30 degrees is starting to sound like summertime.

08. A view of the Empire State Building never gets old.
I've been meaning to tell you - I got an internship! On my walk home every night, I turn the corner and BAM! There it is, all lit up and sparkling like it ain't no thang. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that view.

09. If you're bored, you're doing something wrong.

10. No matter how cold, windy, expensive, tired or cranky everything and everyone seems, it's all good.
It's New York City.


  1. Every time I read these posts I want to move to NY!

  2. I was going to write the same things Asia Reynolds wrote before me so my words will not be usefull anymore,


  3. Sounds a helluva lot like life in London, gotta love this city living stuff

    The London Project

  4. Such good sentiments! I'm in firm agreement with #7. I woke up today and though "Wow, 28 degrees?! I can wear a dress!" Just wait until we hit something around 50 degrees. People will practically be in their bathing suits.


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