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Friday, January 3, 2014

guess who finally made it to new york city? 

after a handful of planes, trains and automobiles + a week in california + a week in portland, i finally made it to new york (just in time for new year's eve!). if you can believe it, then that makes one of us. 

excuse me while i let out a big giant sigh

hear me out. aside from all the important things that are usually on my mind like chocolate cake and don draper, moving to new york has truly been the only thing i've thought about for the past year. so to actually be here after all those months of waiting and planning and counting down seems pretty surreal. for starters, i keep thinking i should pack my bag and get ready to leave any day now. the fact that this is where i live definitely hasn't sunken (sunk? sinked? sank?) in yet.

other things that seem impossible: 
1) that i never have to go back to school ever ever again (ever)
2) or do any homework
3) i don't have a return flight home anywhere
4) this is my home now!
5) just kidding, i'm actually homeless*
6) and unemployed
7) what am i doing with my life? 
8) is this all just one long episode of girls

* an update: "homeless" might be a bit of an exaggeration. j's parents conveniently (and miraculously) live in manhattan, so while he and i look for jobs + an apartment, we'll be staying with them. more on unemployment and the adventures of living with my boyfriend's parents later. 
* i figured it would be important to have a picture of myself on my first day living in new york city.
as you can see, i'm blending right in. 

since there's really nothing sexier than a woman wearing 2 pairs of pants and 8 sweaters, this is the fashionable look i've been sporting for the past few days. i figured that as long as people can see my eyes poking out, i'll be making friends and getting job offers in no time! (right?) and despite my best efforts to stay warm (i'm wearing 3 pairs of socks!), today i learned what it feels like to have your eyeballs freeze inside your head. 

stay tuned, gang. lots of adventures and complaints about the weather to come.

p.s. when i was in portland, i successfully completed my mission to find the world's warmest coat. you can find it here. it's wind-proof, waterproof, and warm enough to keep a california-native warm in a new york winter. enough said?


  1. this is so perfect, and so exciting! what a great start to the new year. i am sooo excited to hear all about your new life and adventures in NYC!!!

  2. ahhh I'm so excited for you! and HAH I totally know what you mean about the eyeballs freezing in your head. looking forward to hear about more adventures as you settle down :)

  3. You are so me (many) years ago. Except I moved here with no coat and three sweaters to my name since I'm from Texas! Welcome to the greatest adventure of your life. I am definitely looking forward to re-experiencing some of the thrills of moving to the city through your posts. Enjoy!
    jenn from

  4. congrats on your new journey, Heather!

  5. Wow, that sounds so exciting. ♥ Such a big adventure. :) I can't wait to hear more about your journey. All the best.

    Abigail x

  6. So excited to hear about your adventures in the big city! Your move is seriously inspiring! :)

  7. So, so exciting. You're a trooper - we'll be here for the roller coaster!

  8. can't wait for future posts! this is so exciting! hope you find an apartment soon and that you get along with your boyfriend's parents fine until then.

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  9. Wow! So glad you finally made it to the big apple! I cannot wait to hear all about your brand new life there, which better involve doughnuts...

  10. PS. Do you have a glove off in that photo. Put it back on, put it back on! Before you lose a finger to frostbite!

  11. So excited to read about your adventures in NYC! It must be so great to finally be there after waiting a whole year :)

  12. Ha the weather the past few days hasn't exactly been welcoming, what with all the snow and icy temps. But the great coffee and pastries all over this great city will remedy that.

    Congratulations and good luck!

  13. Eeek! I'm so excited for you!! Stay warm!!

  14. Glad you safely arrived in NYC! Happy for the both of you & wishing you all the luck in your apartment and job searches!!

  15. YAAAAAY! So endlessly proud of you, girl! xo! (

  16. this is so exciting heather! I know it's craziness but you guys are in the adventure of your lives and you are a true badass for getting this far. excited for more!


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