christmas in california (sort of)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

* merry christmas from me & my brother matthew, circa 1999 (aka my glory days)

i really can't believe it's christmastime and i've decided to blame the entire state of california.

for the past week i've been home in southern california, spending time with family and friends before i jet off to new york. as someone who was born and raised here, you'd think i'd be used to wearing sandals on christmas eve. but i'm not. it's an outrage! oregon and new york have spoiled me with cold weather (and real seasons), so now every time i come home i'm offended to have to trade in my sweaters for tank tops. (california can't tell me what to wear!) this morning my brother and i were driving around town with the windows rolled down and sunglasses on. (sunglasses!!!) everyone here is walking around in shorts and tank tops and sporting very mysterious tans. christmas in california is a strange thing.

to make up for this weirdness, my mom (in the true spirit of christmas) has been trying to trick us into thinking that it's wintertime by keeping her house at a nice, comfortable 35 degrees*. i'm serious - you can't walk around this place without socks on. it's amazing. she has the a fire roaring, christmas music playing, and apples boiling on the stove. as long as we don't look outside, it actually starts to feel like december!

*looking just as fashionable in 1998, only this time in red.

to escape the heat, tomorrow we'll be flying to portland to spend the rest of 2013 with family in the pacific northwest. (i really just can't be away from oregon for too long) it's going to be a very cozy week of pajamas, movies, and the world's best coffee. i'm also going to be on a mission to find the world's warmest coat so that i can survive winter in new york. (i think 60 degrees is freezing, so i'm talking heavy heavy heavy duty) i have no shame in riding the subway looking like this guy if it means i'll be warm. any suggestions?

merry christmas! happy new year! and thank you for reading this silly little blog. i am always amazed by the sweet comments that people leave around here. enjoy your holiday! don't work. sleep in. relax. eat all your favorite foods. enjoy that extra cookie. snag yourself a bottle of wine. hang out with your favorite people. be merry!

* my mom would probably like me to reassure you that her house isn't actually 35 degrees. it's 60. but still.


  1. hahaha,
    you look cute. i was a total mess (i still am in fashion/style department).
    happiest holidays, Heather!

  2. Ah, enjoy the PNW! And good luck on your search for a coat, I can never find one I am truly satisfied with ;).

  3. Sounds like Christmas in Australia!! Oh, how I long for a white Christmas....

    I'm ridiculously excited to see all your New York updates in the new year! x

  4. I love warm weather, but I agree there is something charming about Christmas feeling like Christmas. Hopefully you get a dose of it in Portland.

    As far as coats go, a good, knee length down puffer will be valuable. I have a cheap one I am looking to replace. I hear people have good luck with North Face, J.Crew, and Brooklyn Industries . Good luck! It gets coooold here! :)


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