on cats, and whether or not they're the worst

Monday, November 18, 2013

i've never been a cat person.

growing up, my brother and i were both allergic so we never had them as pets. none of my friends had cats, really. if they did, i wasn't allowed to play at their house anyways on account of all the itching and scratching and sneezing that was bound to happen. that was always the question when it came to sleepovers and birthday parties, you know? well, do they have cats? come to think of it, my aunts and uncles never had cats. grandparents either. i've been living an entirely cat-free life!

cat-free. going on 22 years.

so. as you can see, cats and i have never really been friends. i'm all about dogs. who isn't? who doesn't love dogs? (nobody, that's who) but cats? plenty of people hate cats! they're snobby and cold and how do you even play with a cat? you can't take them on walks or to the beach or even give them a decent bath!

cats, man.

here's my dilemma -  j likes cats. he might even be a cat person. (i can't even type that without cringing!) (stupid cats!) we both really miss having pets and we both love big dogs. (we plan to have at least one husky, one golden retriever, one great dane, and one samoyed during our lifetime) obviously, though, the closet that we'll soon be living in in new york is no place for a great dane, so we have to put our big-dog-dreams on hold for awhile.

in the meantime...... j thinks we should get a cat. i'm still allergic, thank you very much, is what i told him. i thought that was my easy-out, you know? allergies! end of discussion. but naturally, he found a way around it. have you ever heard of a ragdoll cat? apparently they're the one type of cat out there that i might not be allergic to. they're known for being extremely lazy, friendly, and especially low-maintenance. my favorite part is that they're famous (or infamous) for being "docile and floppy". hehe.

at first i was all opposed and trying to put my foot down and fee fi fo fum, and what have you. but i do miss having a pet. and those kittens are kind of cute (i guess). and how could i resist an animal that's known for being floppy? i mean really. needless to say, i'm having an identity crisis over here because who would i even BE if i suddenly started liking cats?

are floppy kittens worth breaking 21-years of cat sobriety? now that is the question.


  1. LOL such a cute post! I'm totally for the idea, cats are extra cuddly :-)

  2. I never had cats growing up either. My mom was allergic, so that was that. None of my other family members had cats and my one friend who had a cat that sucked. Seriously. That cat was the worst. Then when I was 22 I met a friend who had two awesome tuxedo cats and I learned that some cats can be cool.

    A year later (also realizing that I hated living without a pet), I went to the animal shelter and adopted a cat. And guess what? She's the best pet I've ever had. She loves being around people, but likes her own space too. She'll snuggle with me at night and play with string. She also poops in a box, which is incredibly convenient and not nearly as gross as people make it out to be. I never have to worry about being gone all day or coming home too late, because she's totally fine. I was raised a dog person, but after having a cat for the last two years, I think it's safe to consider myself a cat lady.

    The moral of my long-winded story is this: Some cats suck. Some don't. Get a cat that doesn't suck.

  3. this is literally the funniest thing i have ever read. this is the exact same situation with my boyfriend. i still don't know how i feel about cats.. i don't know if i want to go there. unfortunately, i don't have allergies as an excuse! dang it!

  4. a ragdoll is what I should have.. now you tell me.
    my cat is crazy!! doesn't mean I don't love her, but she's not at all low-maitenance.

  5. ragdolls are adorable, but then I'm 'a cat person', so...

  6. I love both cats and dogs.Give it a try, you never know.xx

  7. ha! i've grown up with german shepherd dogs my entire life and i miss having one terribly. i tell my family literally every day to pleasepleaseplease get another one! i say that these are the only kind of dogs that i will ever have and truthfully i am not a big animal person but i LOVE german shepherds. as i've gotten older, for some odd reason unknown i have decided that i want a cat? i think because they are less responsibility and matches with my homebody, solo self. we'll see.

  8. I was never a cat person, and always had dogs growing up (I'm mildly allergic to both animals, too).

    When I started dating my girlfriend and found out she had a cat I was a little nervous. They have such a bad reputation, and they're usually so gosh darn dull and un-cuddly. Lo and behold her cat, Tippy, was just about the sweetest little thing there ever was. He's absolutely huge (he's part Maine Coon, which your allergies would probably HATE), cuddly, loving, and playful (but also sinfully lazy, haha). Honestly, he reminded me of the best features of the big dogs I had growing up, but without the ethical dilemma of having a huge animal cooped up in a tiny apartment.

    In short: I think it depends on the cat. If you do go that route definitely feel out the animal's personality before committing. You might find yourself really warming up to the right cat, provided it has the right attitude.

  9. Oh god. I'm not a cat person either! Although my husband grew up having multiple cats lounging around his house. Luckily, he's never asked me if we could get one. We have a very loving pup that keeps us happy. :) ...I just don't know if I could put up with cats. ALTHOUGH, freaking kittens are adorable. And who knows... you may just get use to it if you had it since it's a kitten?

    I dunno though. I'm allergic too. I say get a pup!! :P

  10. I'm a general "animal person" but tend to favor dogs over cats too. However, it is tough to have a dog in NYC (but not impossible, TONS of people do it) so I do have one cat. They are hit and miss personality-wise but it is nice having a little extra body wondering around the apartment. Sometimes he does his own thing and sometimes he likes to cuddle. The added interaction is just nice sometimes. I say give yourself plenty of time to settle in after the move and then consider adding a new friend to the mix. If you have to compromise, those ragdoll cats are so adorable!

  11. haha, i have the same problem! and i'm scared of cats too, you just never know what they're about to do.


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