sundays are for skydiving

Monday, July 15, 2013

would you believe me if I told you that J & I went skydiving yesterday?

welllllllll believe it sister, cause it's true!
for my birthday this year, that handsome devil of mine surprised me with two tickets to jump right out of a plane (which either means that he thinks we're especially adventurous, or, thought this would be the perfect way to get rid of me. muahaha)

we didn't have the time to do it during the school year, but now that summer is in full swing, we decided it was finally time to take the plunge (literally). for someone who doesn't even really like roller coasters, I was amazed at how un-terrified I felt the whole time leading up to the jump. there came a point during our flight up (just to a casual 8,000ft) that I decided it would be best to stop looking out the window. the higher up we went, the more I wondered exactly how many doses of crazy it takes for a person to do something like this. and then! all of a sudden! the door to the plane flew open, J scooted to the edge, and in the next second, he was gone! he went from sitting right in front of me to being a teeny tiny dot with a parachute attached, miles and miles beneath us. (I guess free-falling at 100mph will do that to you)

and then, it was my turn.
if you haven't ever been skydiving, let me just tell you. it was the absolute best experience. ever ever ever. there is no leap of faith quite like jumping out of a plane. free-falling was cra-zy. crazy. but for those of you (like me) who think the idea of swan diving out of plane at 8,000ft sounds borderline insane, take comfort in knowing that the free-falling part only lasts about 20 seconds (a glorious 20 seconds, mind you). and then! your parachute comes out, and you get to leisurely float down to the ground (that part takes about five minutes). it's kind of hilarious, to be honest. you're just there, in the middle of the sky, sight-seeing and floating around like it ain't no thang.

if you haven't done it, do it.  we're already itching to go back.


  1. Oh I could never! I'm not brave enough to even go up in one of those tiny planes - let alone jump out! x

  2. Heather!! Oh my. Parachuting is on my list of MUST DOs! I am so happy + excited... and proud of you. :) Most people don't have to courage to go through with it... but I'm so glad you did it! What a life changing experience, I can only imagine?? :)

  3. Oh my god oh my god. I could never do this, unless perhaps my life depended on it and even then I would endure it rather than enjoy it, but I have SO much admiration for you! You guys are so adventurous!!


  4. I'm so happy you did this! oh my goodness, do you feel differently about life at all now? are you afraid of heights? gosh I am horribly afraid of heights but I have always wanted to go skydiving...and my husband was worried about my obsession with it so he made me promise to never go! which is part cute and part irritating. but mostly sweet.

    I love that you loved this so much. so jealous :)

    p.s. happy birthday! 22? what day?


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