what makes you feel healthy?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A friend of mine recently ran a marathon. A full marathon. 26 miles. 

Twenty. Six. Miles. 

(In my world, 2 miles is a serious accomplishment)
Ten push-ups? I AM AN OLYMPIC ATHLETE!!!

The other day she told me all about her experience - what made her want to do it, her training, and the actual race - and I walked away feeling majorly inspired. She made it her New Years resolution to run a marathon and gave herself 4 months to train. Every week, she ran (and ran and ran). Slowly but surely, running 8 miles without stopping was no big deal. She didn't change her diet. She did some swimming here and there. Rode her bike instead of taking the bus. She ran some more (and suddenly, 18 miles was easy business). And four months later? She ran 26 miles without stopping! 

What inspired me the most was the fact that she set a (huge) goal and stuck with it. We all know that running is the absolute worst, but she managed to do it anyway. She looks great, feels great, and wants to do it again! 

Anyhow. I was really impressed with her. So impressed that I decided... 

*drum roll, please* 

I am going to run a half-marathon! Hurrah! 
I have a little over 2 months to prepare for it. Since she gave herself 4 months to get ready for a full marathon, I'm hoping this is enough time to prepare for the half. It's going to be great! It's going to be terrible and really hard and sweaty and exhausting. I'm going to hate every second of it and am going to try and convince myself every single day that hanging out on the couch really is better for me than going for a run. I'll probably want to quit (after the first day).

But I won't! I want to start feeling healthy again, and along with eating all my fruits & veggies, committing to something like this is going to be well worth it.

What makes you feel healthy? Would you ever want to run a marathon?


  1. wow, all the best! I'm sure it'll be a super rewarding experience. I'm just about the most unhealthy person ever... I hate exercise, fruits and veggies. Yikes! I've been working on eating more healthily, baby steps!

  2. That's so exciting! I have a friend who forever couldn't run two miles without feeling like death, but she recently finished her first half-marathon and loves running. You can do it! :)


    1. Haha, feeling like death is exactly how I would describe my relationship with running. Dun dun dun.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. this really is a great great post!
    not only because you're going to do something amazing and frightening and difficult, but because of the thought: what makes you feel healthy?
    running definitely does. it doesn't take a lot of that to remind me of why I feel excited and confident, ever. and that's quite a valuable feeling.

    1. You go girl. When I feel healthy, I feel so much happier. It's amazing what exercise/eating right can do for your mental health, too :)

  4. I have a few friends who ran marathons and half marathons and it sounds like a lot of work but for such a great cause, your health :) One friend of mine did it as a fundraiser to raise funds for cancer research. Sometimes a little extra incentive helps push past the hard parts. I ran a 5k last summer and it really is impressive to see how your body can adjust to running. Good luck, stay positive and know that you body will feel amazing after each time you run. xo!

    1. Thanks Abby!

      I like the idea of 'running for a cause'. I'll have to see if any events like this are going on in my area.

  5. I actually know a girl who just ran a half-marathon and is training for her first full marathon! I am so impressed by her will and determination. I am the absolute worst at running, I hate it. I WANT to be better at it though, I WANT to be able to wake up each morning and put on my shoes and just go. It's so good for you.

    These past few months I have been focusing a lot on my health, eating better and being more active. Running is something that I still have yet to do, but want to! Your post definitely has inspired me to finally do it.

    I am SO excited for you. I will definitely be supporting and encouraging you on. Too bad you don't live closer, I'd love to have a running buddy!

    1. Ah, thanks lady!
      We can always be bloggin-running buddies and email each other enough times until we actually can get each other out the door! Ha. Running is the worst. I always feel great afterwards but *getting* myself out the door is always the hardest part.

      It sounds like you've been making healthy choices too - good job! Eating right makes such a big difference in how I feel both mentally and physically. (Don't get me wrong though, Oreos are still on my grocery list).

      Thanks for the support!

    2. Haha, and chocolate is on mine! ^ You gotta reward yourself, somehow. ;)


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