5 reasons why I can't wait to move to New York

Friday, May 3, 2013

(look at me, being blonde!)

Ten months ago I had never been to New York City.
And since then, I've only visited two times. 
............And in a few months, J & I are planning on calling it home. (HA!)

Every time I say that out loud, I can't help but laugh. We're moving to New York. (Isn't that something that people only do in movies?) I think the reason that I laugh is because it's gonna be such a leap of faith. We're moving clear across the country, to a place where we really don't know anyone, with about $10 in our pockets.


When I got back from New York (the first time), I couldn't get it out of my head. You know when you get something new, like a new dress or a bag, suddenly you start seeing it everywhere? That's what happened when I got home. Suddenly New York was everywhere. All my favorite bloggers are based in NYC (so I'm always reading about it). Without realizing it beforehand, my favorite shows are based in New York (so I'm always watching it). Even some of the books I've been reading for school are New-York-themed (so I'm even studying it)! It's kind of ridiculous. And kind of torturous. I'm getting so anxious to go.

My second visit really sealed the deal. I met J in NYC for New Years and stayed for ten luxurious days. The second time around, I got to explore so many new places and see the city in an entirely new light. Summer and winter in New York are two different places and I'm glad I got to see both extremes. It was pretty wonderful. And freezing (and I mean freezing). I have never been so cold in my entire life. But seeing that city in the wintertime was enough to make me wish that my ticket had been a one-way.

So! Among many more, here are 5 reasons that I can't wait to move to  New York:

1. All the walking. 
For all you seasoned New Yorkers out there, this probably seems silly. But, I couldn't believe how much walking we did every day! We got great exercise without even planning on it (now that's my kind of workout). Plus, being on foot as opposed to in a car was a much better way to get to know the city.

2. The apartments.
While we were visiting, one of our favorite things to do was just walk around different neighborhoods. It certainly was fun to pretend that we lived in all those penthouses, but J & I know what we're getting ourselves into. Maybe we really are crazy, but at this point in our lives, there's just something charming about a teeny-tiny five-story walkup.

3. All those posts about the city. 
I love being able to read blogs that are based in New York. Obviously, having only visited the city twice (and in vacation-mode), there is a ton that I don't know. These blogs are like little sneak previews into a world that I can't wait to be apart of. These posts by Meg always make me excited about living in New York. And of course, just about every one of Taza's.

4. Always being on-the-go.
I'll admit, I love being lazy. Spending the day cuddled up at home with a book or a good movie is my cup of tea. But when I was in New York, all I wanted to do was keep going going going. We'd finish one little adventure and it would be right on to the next. We'd wake up every morning, take the fastest shower possible, and head right out the door (usually without an agenda). I loved that. It felt like no time was being wasted.There was always something to see, to learn, and to try.

5. The restaurants! 
Let's be real. If you want something delicious, and you want the best of it, New York is where you'll find it. Even in my two short trips, I had some of the best meals of my life. Dinosaur BBQ (among many other amazing places) now holds a special place in my heart (and J's, too). You can find ideas for where to eat in NYC here.


  1. OH MY GOD, that's so amazing!! I'm going to be creeping on your blog through that leap of faith haha, i've always wanted to do the same but was too scared about the costs. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out for you! And I'm kind of doing the same thing (just less exciting), next month i'm moving from chicago to seattle. internet high five to the both of us- so adventuress ;) ^5

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I'm in love with it! I've had a love affair with New York since I visited 10 years ago and have gone back every year since, there's just something special about it.
    I am so jealous that you will soon be living there - wow! I only wish I lived in the states so I could do the same! Looking forward to hearing the adventures you get up to :) x

  3. Lucky you!!! Staying in New York definitely one of the best thing ever!!

  4. So exciting! I went there for the first time this year and now I'm obsessed with the place. Can't wait to read all about your new life there (with jealousy!) x

  5. i loooooved NYC when i visited! i cant wait to see your photos and read about your adventures. aaand, you look so cute blonde! :)

    also, taking a leap of faith. i love it.

  6. oh my goodness, I can't believe it!
    you guys won't regret doing this crazy move, I just know it.
    obviously you're in love with NYC- and being young and able to do insane things and live in quirky houses with tons of adventures? come on, that's what it's all about.

    wait, when are you moving?

    yay yay yay!

  7. You are making me miss NYC!

    xo Jennifer

  8. Ack! I'm moving to Brooklyn in two weeks, and your blog is getting me so so excited! Thanks for sharing! xo

  9. So glad to have discovered your blog..
    Agree 100% with each of these reasons, especially the walking.
    don't think I'll ever get a driver's license.


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