5 good things about this week

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Midterms have been keeping me pretty busy these past couple days. Zzzzzzz.
But! Despite the studying, essay writing, and wishing-I-could-be-doing-anything-else-besides-studying, a few good things have still made their way into my week:

1. A new ice cream parlor opened up one block away from our place. One block away!!!!! If you didn't already know, J & I are major ice cream enthusiasts (him: mint chocolate chip, me: pralines & cream) so in our world, this is basically breaking news.

2. In the spirit of eating more healthily, I've been trying different combinations of salads (thrilling news, I know). Lately, my favorite jumbalaya has been spinach + beets + goat cheese, and yesterday I discovered a nearby spot where I can get one on-the-go. Seeing as how goat cheese on its own tends to cost the same as a small vehicle, this is pretty great. Yay, food! 

3. I discovered this song and can't. stop. listening. It's been on repeat for the last couple days.

4. I finally got my bike tires fixed so that I can start riding to school again. No more taking the bus! Hallelujah! I forgot how much I love riding bikes, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. (Did you know? J & I have matching bikes that were originally his grandparents. I'm still trying to get him on board with matching baskets, bells, and tassels but for some reason he still doesn't seem too enthused)

5. This morning, we woke up to the rain.

What's making your week better?


  1. matching bikes inherited from grandparents sounds like the cutest thing ever! and ah, I'm a major ice cream enthusiast too. wish I had a parlour that close by.

  2. My husband and I have matching green '74 Schwinn Suburbans that we acquired at different times. Perfect mates! I thought we were the only dorks around. ;)

    P.S New follower, glad to find another PNW blogger.

    Molly via MaeLiveFree

  3. oh I like these bits. the ice cream shop looks amazing! I thought you were going to say you started working there and ate free ice cream every day! oh how amazing (yet terrible?) that would be!

    waking up to rain is so cozy.


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