10 things you may or may not have known (about me)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You know what "ice breakers" are, right? (Not the mint, the game)
If you don't already know, consider yourself lucky. You dodged a real bullet! Ice breakers are usually played when you join some kind of new group or club, and the person in charge wants everyone to relax and get to know each other (you know, and break the ice). Sounds pretty reasonable right?

I have played my fair share of ice breakers (joining new clubs in high school, my college orientation, moving into the dorms, etc.). I don't know about you, but I'd say 99% of the ice breakers I've had to play are just downright awkward. "Time for an ice breaker, everyone!" Instant dread.

The concept is great. Loosen people up, get 'em out of their shells. But come on! There must be some better way for people to get comfortable with each other than having to do things like go around in a circle and sing part of their favorite song. (Seriously though. This has happened to me.) We want everyone to relax and get to know each other! So here, play this really awkward game with all these strangers! Sing! Dance! Stand on your head!

(Okay, we didn't have to stand on our heads)

It's pretty painful. But, I'll admit. By the end, after everyone has successfully done something slightly humiliating, it is a little easier to become friends.

So not to break tradition or anything, but how about a less embarrassing ice breaker?

10 things you may or may not have known (about me) :

1. I am a natural blonde. Kind of. In middle school, I dyed my hair bright pink (because my mom was amazing, and let me do things like that). After that phase was over and I was ready to go back to being my natural-blonde-self, my hair started growing in brown! So now, I'm a natural brunette. I think.

2. If I could only eat 3 things for the rest of my life, they'd (easily) be: avocados, strawberries, and chocolate cake.

3. My first concert was Shania Twain. Y'all.

4. Once while traveling abroad, my best friend and I stayed with a family in France for an entire week. They didn't speak a word of English and we didn't speak a word of French. It was an interesting week.

5. Despite my best efforts, I can't keep nail polish on for more than 24 hours without chipping.

6. There are lots of movies I love, but the 3 that I could watch over and over again are: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dirty Dancing, and Mona Lisa Smile.

7. I own every season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.

8. If I could spend the day with any celebrity, it would have to be Morgan Freeman.

9. This summer, J and I will be taking salsa-dancing classes! Definitely stay tuned for that.

10. In my bag you will always find: Burts Bees, a small bottle of lavender oil, black ink pens, and dark chocolate hearts (for emergency situations, obviously).

What are some things people may or may not know about you?


  1. I can's top drawing :) And I love Dirty Dancing too! Is that lavandar essential oil? What do you use it for??
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

    1. I use lavender oil as a perfume! It's pretty heavenly.

  2. what's the lavender oil for? I always have burts bees (or smith's rose salve) as well!

    1. Ooh, I love Smith's rose salve. I haven't had one in awhile... I got hooked on Burt's and kind of forgot about it. Now I want one! Right now!

      I use the lavender oil for perfume :) Makes me feel like I'm at a spa every time I put it on. Hehe.

  3. yikes what you said about icebreakers is so true! super awkward hahah.

    when I moved into the college dorms freshman year, the icebreaker question was "your favorite animal". when I said unicorn as a joke there was a really long awkward silence..


  4. Love number 2!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. haha I can imagine how you felt during your trip in France.

  7. re:
    3. I had a total Shania Twain phase. To the max.
    5. damn nail polish! I need to try those stick-ons...
    7. ME TOO.
    10. ditto Burts, and I also had a brief stint of constant dark chocolate (it's over though).

  8. this was very, very cool.

    i loved that you stayed with a french family for a whole week and had no words to communicate. it's like a 7 day game of charades! and i've heard of blonde hair doing that a lot- it's a fickle fickle shade :/

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. It was absolutely a weeklong game of charades. We even got to the point where we used Google Translator to help us communicate. Ha!

  9. What kind of lavender oil are you liking? I love this.

  10. Oh, I love ice breakers! And it's always fun to discover a few personal tidbits about fellow bloggers... we don't always provide such personal aspects into our blog entries, so it's always nice when we can be ourselves for awhile.

    By the way -- I love your top 3 movies! Those are some of my favorites as well. :) Also... The Gilmore Girls, oh man, how I miss that show! I am hoping and hoping that Netflix will add it soon so I can start a GG marathon. You are welcome to come! ;)

    Let's see, some things about me:
    1. My first concert was also a country music one -- Brian White + LeAnn Rimes, lol.

    2. My favorite food is potatoes -- I could eat them every day in every way imaginable!

    3. I'm a few OCD tendencies and have since a young child.

    4. A lot of my memories are recalled from certain smells + scents.

    5. I love and I mean LOVE to feel of warm clothes out of the dryer.

    6. I like the feeling of being inside of a car on hot days. It's comforting in a weird way, lol.


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