when writer's block strikes

Monday, April 28, 2014

Does it ever take you an entire day (or more) to write something worthwhile?

Lately, every time I try to start writing something new I just end up in a staring contest with my laptop (and the laptop always wins!). Nothing comes out. Funny thing is, there are all sorts of things I feel like telling you about - the books I've been reading, my first week of work (!!), what J & I named our two new kittens (!!!!), and how springtime in New York has waged a full-on war with my sinuses.

But, c'est la vie. For now all I can squeak out is a good old fashioned list. And who doesn't like a good list?

LISTENING to Norah Jones, as always 
MAKING peanut butter + banana oatmeal ♥ 
DRINKING endless cups of coffee
READING book reviews: one | two | three
WANTING these allergies to die! die! die!
LOOKING for apartment inspiration
PLAYING with my new furry roommates
WATCHING Mad Men, all over again
MISSING my best friends
WISHING for a few rainy days
ENJOYING quiet, early mornings
WAITING for this movie to come out
LIKING all of Lena Dunham's Instagrams
WONDERING if my train will be delayed
LOVING this article and that article
HOPING more friends will come and visit me
MARVELING at how quickly everything has bloomed
NEEDING comfortable shoes! (suggestions?)
WEARING pajamas, of course
SMELLING coffee (do I have a problem?) 
FOLLOWING some much-appreciated advice
NOTICING what a difference sleep makes
KNOWING that only time will tell 
TAKING advantage of a few extra minutes
BOOKMARKING fun artwork
OPENING lots and lots of emails
ADMIRING these magical strawberry scones
FEELING like I could crawl back into bed 

inspired by this post 
image via the yard 


  1. new to your blog but already in love with it....

  2. New to your blog as well... and now I really want to know what you named your kitties!

  3. New to your blog x3. And let me tell you, I moved to NYC about 8 months ago and the flow of friends and family to this place, now that I'm here, rarely stops. So, in answer to "Hoping more friends will come and visit me," I would rest pretty sure that they'll come. It's new york city after all.

  4. Oh my, Norah Jones is always a great thing to be listening to on the daily! :)
    xo TJ


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