when friends come to nyc

Thursday, March 27, 2014

For the past two weeks, my friends and family from the west coast have been parading through New York City. One by one, they march through JFK, armed with heavy suitcases, great expectations, and a glow that only comes with the bliss and freedom of knowing that you're on Spring Break.

Friends have visited, my favorite cousin stopped by, and this week my mom is in town for nine luxurious days (!). This is all very exciting for me, you understand, because I still don't really know anyone in New York, so this stampede of visitors has left me feeling like the most popular girl in school.

When friends come to New York:
- we eat crepes
- and ride the Staten Island Ferry
- we wade through Times Square (and immediately regret it)
- we visit the Met, the MoMA, and grab a $2 hot dog on the way to the Museum of Natural History
- we talk about seeing a Broadway show
- and since nobody brought 10 billion dollars, we treat ourselves to the world's greatest bbq instead

When my mom comes to New York:
- we have lunch at ABC Kitchen
- and wander through the Chelsea Market
- we order champagne with every meal
- and pretend we're in You've Got Mail
- we take romantic strolls through Central Park
- and walk along the High Line
- then we eat fancy cheeses at Eataly (to reward ourselves for all the walking and strolling)
- and fall asleep dreaming about cannolis from Caffe Palermo

Basically, when people come to visit, I find that the best way to show them around New York is to eat our way through the entire city. It really is the only option, you know? The way I see it, New York has the best of everything. The best pizza. The best delis. The best donuts. If we try little (or not-so-little) bites of everything, then they can go back to Oregon and California knowing that they've had The Best of Everything. (Think of the bragging rights!) More importantly, if I've done my job properly I can send them all home with a few extra pounds around the belly - a gentle, ever-present reminder of me, and the Most Delicious Spring Break Of Their Lives.


  1. Haha I love this! Adding all these to my list of places to visit in NYC... And I definitely agree -- the best vacations (or weekends, or afternoons, or whatever) are definitely the ones where we eat our way through the city we're in. :)

  2. so fun! friend visits are the best!

  3. Eating your way through the city really is the best way to experience it. Sounds like you are having a blast! I hope the weather starts warming up while your mom is here. Strolling and snacking are infinitely more enjoyable when the temps are above freezing.

  4. Totally agree on eating to experience as much of a city as you can. Traveling is all about the meals for me, actually! When else are we so focused on what we're eating, when and why? I love it! Sounds like a wonderful time over spring break!

  5. Eating your way through the city is simply the best and I always tell people that food is the greatest way to experience a city and its culture. NYC food is like no other place and I miss it so much. I must return soon and relive those fond memories I have

  6. + the best COOKIES! (Levain. O.M.G.)


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