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Thursday, February 13, 2014

I admit it. I'm an Instagram junkie.

If my eyeballs happen to be glued to my phone, chances are I'm not checking texts or emails or the weather (the forecast for the next few weeks is going to be the same, anyways: It's f-ing cold out, Heather). 99% of the time I'm scrolling through Instagram.

When I first started using Instagram (back in the olden days, circa 2011), I didn't realize that other people could actually see my photos. Heh. I just thought it was some weird photo app with lots of cool filters. Little did I know, I was clogging up all of my friends' Feed with 15 posts of the same photo in "Rise", "Walden" and "Lo-Fi". Sorry, friends! 

I'm constantly amazed by what people have transformed Instagram into - how they've been able to mold it (from "some weird photo app") into a platform for beauty and art and creativity. Unfortunately, my Instagram account isn't as sophisticated and elegant as these ladies (I'm working on it! I swear!). Mine is mostly decorated with pictures of bagels and snow and - most recently - a close-up of the beautiful box of Girl Scout Thin Mints that my mom just mailed me (bless that woman!).

So for today's installment of Beauty Soup, behold! Four of my favorite Instagram artístas.

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  1. I am right there with you, girl!! I think Instagram is the app I use more than anything else. Well, that and VSCO... which essentially the editing program I use BEFORE I publish in IG, haha.

    Already following Local Milk (obsessed!) and Alice but now I will be following Molly and Katelyn. :) Loving Katelyn's color pallet! Wow. So refreshing & calming.

  2. Bagels and snow - that is perfection right there! I wish I could have both right now

  3. Your blog is absolutely lovely! And yay, I love coming across new instagrammers to follow :)
    xo TJ


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