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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ta da! Say hello to Beauty Soup, my latest and greatest invention.

I'm no beauty expert, so don't get any wild ideas. I really don't know what makeup you "should" be wearing, how to properly apply liquid eyeliner, or what it means when women get their eyebrows "threaded". (What is that?!) Instead, Beauty Soup is one big melting pot for all things beautiful in life (cue the harps, please). Here you will find bits & pieces of beauty, found in the day-to-day. Products, people, places, you name it.

First up, I thought I'd share my "beauty" regimen with you (if you can even call it that).

Since I've been in New York, my morning routine has certainly changed. Instead of setting aside an hour to get ready, I want to be up and out the door as fast as I can. (I have places to explore! Bagels to try!) I don't want to mess with a million different makeup products, so I've been keeping things as simple as possible.
one // Lush, R&B Hair Moisturizer : This stuff is straight up magic. I kid you not, nothing will make your hair smell better or feel softer. Two for one!

two // Lancome, 'Rogue In Love' Lipstick : For all your lipstick needs, Lancome is your girl. My favorite shade is 'Sequence of Love' (ooh la la). It lasts forever and you only need one coat for a nice pop of color.

three // Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer : My worst fear, when it comes to makeup, is "caked on" foundation. Ick! I like to wear makeup, but I don't want you to know that I'm wearing it. Kapish? My aunt recommended this moisturizer to me - it helps her skin look clear and soft and literally makes her glow. You can't argue with the glow.

four // Smith's, Rosebud Salve Lip Balm : In the land of lip balm, this rosebud salve is the Queen. (Sorry Burts Bees!) It's soft and silky and smells delicious. Especially useful in the wintertime.

five // Bobbi Brown, Tinted Eye Brightener : If you, like me, have dark scary circles under your eyes that haunt you in your dreams, have no fear! I've tried roughly 3,261 different products in a desperate attempt to hide these terrifying shadows, and this is the only thing that works. The name says it all.

six // Lancome, La Vie Est Belle : Thanks to Julia Roberts, now we all get to smell like heaven. I got this perfume for my mom for Christmas and now I want it for myself! I still haven't purchased it, so in the meantime I've been slipping into Sephora every once in awhile to spray on a sample (is that cheating?). Believe me, this is the good stuff.

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  1. I need to get myself some of that Lush hair product!

  2. The Laura Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer is THE BEST. I would almost go as far as say life changing….I think I am going to try the R&B Hair Moisturizer- my hair has been needing some love lately! I can't wait to see what other posts are to come in this series, the name is so clever!

  3. Beauty soup sounds adorable! Lancome 'rouge in love' lipstick is lovely!

  4. That Lancome lipstick looks devine. Adding that to my wishlist for sure.

  5. I love the phrase beauty soup. :) ♥
    That lip balm looks great! I must admit to just using Burt's Bees and vaseline, but I must give this a go.

  6. oh I am loving this feature! trying to streamline my products and things as well, and be kind of more of a grown up too. thanks!

  7. I know I am going to freaking love this new series of yours. Love the illustration above too!

    I am soo not a girly-girl and my makeup routine is pretty simple. So I am always up for learning about new products. Thank you for this! :)



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