a day at the fair

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

this weekend, j & i went to the oregon state fair.

for self-preservation reasons, i probably shouldn't tell you about all the delicious things we snacked on throughout the day (if one can really "snack" on a pulled pork sandwich, that is). let's just say that soft-serve ice cream was involved, so regardless of everything else, it was a good day.

i would like to inform you that during this adventure, i discovered that j has an especially soft spot in his heart for baby goats. and miniature pigs! he was all about them in the petting zoo. (who knew!) he has since been trying to convince me that a mini pig would make a better nyc-apartment-pet than a puppy. i have since been questioning his judgement.
a mini pig?!

what else.

we spent most of our time walking around and looking at all the silly stuff the fair has to offer. it really is kind of hysterical. you tell me. is there anywhere else in the world that you can purchase a horse, a hot tub, a new mattress, cotton candy, kettle corn, a foot-massage, bacon-wrapped-oreos, and a deep-fried-twinkie all in the same place?

(no, there isn't)

despite the obvious temptation, we resisted all those fine delicacies (even the bacon-wrapped-oreos!). but we simply couldn't resist getting some game tickets. now. i don't know how you feel about carnival games, but let me just say. either j & i are the world's worst ring-toss-ers, or those silly games are built to make us all look like fools. you don't want to know how many tickets we spent trying to get those teeny tiny rings around those teeny tiny bottles. the grand prize was an iPad mini, and regardless of the fact that i have zero desire or use for an iPad mini, i was still one determined lady. but! c'est la vie. no victories for us. (we did however redeem ourselves later in the always-respectable game of 'balloon darts')

still. my favorite part had to be the ski lift. (at least, i think it was a ski lift.)
they have what is essentially a ski lift that takes you all the way from one end of the fair to the other (and for only $1 more, you can get a roundtrip ticket! hoo ha!). a brilliant idea, wouldn't you say? it was so silly but so fun. it slowly glided over the park, and we got to sit there with our feet dangling in the sky, looking down on all the little carnival people and all the little carnival rides.

it was a good sunday.
we left with full bellies and sunburned noses and a handful of colorful memories.


  1. My friend spent the weekend at the Oregon State Fair as well. I'd love to visit one of the local fairs. It sounded like tons of fun. You took great picture! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. ohmygosh your pictures are so pretty! i love how colorful fairs are!!!

    beautiful blog :-)


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