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Monday, August 5, 2013

hey blog!

things have been extra quiet around here in lieu of a top secret mission. I'm spending a week at home in California and decided it would be fun to surprise my best friend a whole week before she thought I was coming to town. knowing me, I'd wind up spoiling the whole thing by posting anything on here or instagram or facebook, so I figured total internet stealth-mode was the way to go.

after lots of plotting and planning, I'd like to report that the suprise was a great success (and really, is there anything more exciting than a surprise reunion?). we haven't seen each other since Christmas, so this has been a long awaited day. there was lots of screaming and jumping and hugging involved. reunited at last!

it feels so good to be home. there's always something therapeutic about it, as I'm sure you know with your own homes. it's so easy for me get caught up in a routine of work and responsibilities and to-do lists, that coming home is like a little escape from reality. everything seems to slow down. these past few weeks have been pretty hectic, so I'm looking forward to a week's worth of friends and family and doing a whole lot of nothing. sometimes no plans are the best plans, you know?

so stay tuned! lots of California-y photos coming your way. be prepared for a bombardment of sand, sun, and sunburns.

speaking of sunburns. this photo was taken the first day of my trip. my mom and I went straight from the airport to go ride bikes along the beach (classic Californians!) and somehow it didn't occur to us to put sunscreen on until we were a few hours into our ride. needless to say, I think I got more sun (and burns) within one hour of being back in California than I have my entire summer in Oregon. oops.


  1. seriously gorgeous photo. longing for a place i've never been. SOMEDAY, i swear, i'll make it there. (winter break yes please?!) enjoy home! can't wait to see more photos! xo

  2. I love going home sometimes, it's such a welcome break. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay x

  3. Yay! You got to love those kind of surprises :) And I have to say that that picture is amazing! I want to be in it! Haha!

  4. hurrah for surprised and homecomings and sunshine! even sunburns. they mean good times.

  5. Oh, I love this. I'm so bad with secrets, I foil most of my own surprises. Doh!


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