the definition of a 'summer-y' day

Friday, July 12, 2013

Yesterday unexpectedly turned out to be the best day ever.

One of my best friends was in from out of town which automatically made it a good day. The not-so-good part, however, was that I was supposed to spend the whole afternoon and evening at work, which meant that we only had time for a quick breakfast date. It's a rare delicacy that we get to see each other, and as much as we both love breakfast, it just didn't feel like enough time. 

Then! Like the most miracle-y of true miracles, one of my co-workers offered to cover my shift because she knew I had a friend in town. She offered! Offered, I  say! Who offers to work on their day off!? It was a serious Christmas (in July) miracle up in here. 

So magically, our quick breakfast date turned into a long, leisurely breakfast date. (I felt like I was ditching school or something, you know? It was so exciting!) We were both pretty thrilled with the idea of having an entire day to do whatever we wanted. Since days like that only come around every so often, we decided to take full advantage. After breakfast we went and got pedicures (I got this color) and left feeling like queens of the world, because we were! 

Later on, we went and saw The Great Gatsby (because who doesn't love a $5 matinee?). I went in feeling pretty skeptical because Gatsby is one of my favorite books (and the movie is never as good as the book) + all I had heard were bad reviews (Gatsby + Jay Z? Hmmm) But hey! Turns out, it's not terrible! I actually really liked it. You really can't go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio.

(also, I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie)

A new tea parlor recently opened up in town so we decided to give it a try. It was ridiculously cute, and only cost a few dollars for a giant glass of Kombucha. Have you ever tried White Rose Kombucha? (you're welcome in advance

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around town and really, just basking in the glory of an unexpected day off. She had already made dinner plans (she's always in high demand when she comes to town) and I had been invited to my own dinner party, so we ended our deliciously luxurious day with a little grocery shopping. Thankfully, she shares my enthusiasm for leisurely grocery shopping - we like to admire all the cute packaging, smell all the breads, etc. (J is not a fan - "get what you need and get outta there!") So after aimlessly wandering the aisles, we both left with baskets full of baguettes, cheese, and red wine.

Another one of my good friends recently moved into a new apartment, so I spent the rest of my evening  lounging on her new porch. Baguette, cheese, wine, and all. It stayed light out until 9:00, but we stayed out there well past sunset. It felt very summer-y indeed. 

If you ask me, that was the epitome of the perfect 'summer-y' day. 

summer.y (adjective)
the feeling of effortless happiness that can only occur between the months of june and september; usually accompanied by good friends, warm nights, and great music; goes well with freedom, red wine, bike rides, and inside jokes.


  1. I shamelessly loved Gatsby, and I think it's because I went in for a fabulously decadent production, not a replication of one of the greatest books ever. Like, duh, of course the book is better, so let's just appreciate the movie for the fun that it is.

    Also, that bagel is calling my name.

    Also, your day sounds awesome to the max.

  2. It's always awesome to spend time with good friends. There's just a feeling I get when I'm with my best friend that is very hard to put into words. It definitely sounds like you had the perfect summer day for sure.

  3. I like your definition of Summer-y. :) I love those type of days.

    It sounds like you had a wonderfully beautiful (and summer-y) day with friends! Having an entire day to devote to friends... is rare now a days, with school and work and life. So, I'm happy for you two. :) And how nice of your co-worker too! Wow, that is pretty rare.

    Btw, I'm glad to know that the Great Gasby wasn't terrible! I'm a pretty big fan of DiCaprio, so I knew it couldn't be too bad.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Gatsby! I was neither a fan of the book or the movie, but the book was still better ;)

  5. this day sounds wonderful.
    and that couch!
    and the definition of summer-y. so true.

    and gosh, I feel totally in love with summer like I haven't in years, and it's the nicest thing. I keep sort of blowing off work (getting someone to fill in) and doing fun things because we're twenty-one and you can't always just go camping or spend the day with your bff at the beach. ah, really so wonderful to be young and love summer like we do.


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