on how I don't really need anything (except sandals)

Monday, July 22, 2013

I've always had a problem with the word need.

"I need new clothes."

"I need a vacation."

"I need to get my eyebrows waxed."

"I need a tuna on rye."

need need need need need.
come on. do any of us really need these things? do we really need a tuna on rye? will we actually keel over and die if our eyebrows go unwaxed? or do we just want want want want want? 

and yet. here I am, the need-hater, on the verge of needing. and all for what, you ask?
sandals are what I need.
I mean want.

see if you can wrap your head around this: I've been wearing the same pair of sandals for six years. SIX. YEARS. the same exact pair. with that kind of life-span you'd think that these sandals must be made out of some kind of spectacular, superhero material that enables them to stay comfortable for all of eternity, you know? because why else would any sane person wear the same pair of sandals for so long? it's madness!

I really don't have a proper answer for you besides that I'm a lazy shoe shopper. shoes just aren't something I love spending money on (I know, I know!). in my defense, living in one of the rainiest states in the country probably has something to do with it. I mean once august is over they just get tossed into the closet until the next summer rolls around. so I really only wear these sandals 2-3 months out of the year. but still, six years! 

now, before you start thinking of me as some kind of bonafide raggedy ann, let me just say that these sandals really do go with every outfit. I promise. however. now that they are as thin (or thinner) than a single sheet of paper and are tearing in the heels, I suppose it's finally time to get some new ones.

that's where you come in! I need some fashion advice, gals.
my goal is to find some sandals that will last for a long time without looking too clunky. (for instance, these are probably extremely comfy. but. I mean. you know, no.)

if you could bestow some of your shoe wisdom upon me, I would be so grateful. help a sister out.

(all images via pinterest)


  1. I just want to see a picture of these old faithful go-with-everythings!
    sorry, my sandals are always a halfway worn-through set and I need some advice too. best of luck to you shopping!

  2. I guess the equivalent of your sandal problem is my boot problem. I live in Miami so I have a closet full of sandals lol But I have one pair of lonely pair that barely gets used, wen winter rolls around I always want to splurge on a new cute pair, but I can't bring myself to do it. So I'll keep having the same pair of boots...for years lol


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