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Friday, July 26, 2013

here's life lately:
school, work.
school, work.
school, work, bed (maybe).

not surprisingly, this routine doesn't leave much room for creativity. even less surprising is how torturous it is to force oneself to read about politics & economics in the middle of a very hot july afternoon (as it turns out, summer school is my worst nightmare. who knew, right?). anyways. i'm starting to get all cranky and agitated about it. I need to spread my wings! I need to flex my creative muscles! let me flex my muscles, life!

 and so.

in an effort to get some color back into my week, i'm introducing a new series on this little blog: 
mood boards. * because sometimes photos speak louder than words. 

in other news, happy friday!
for your viewing pleasure, here are some silly things that have kept me entertained this week:

This is what 250,000 bouncy balls looks like.

Zooey Deschanel without bangs. WHO IS THIS EVEN.

How to get presents all the time. 

Women who love Pinterest (for real).

Puppies learning about stairs.

A carousel in New York City.


  1. i absolutely loved this moodboard! thanks for the links.

  2. Zooey without bangs... still beautiful, but looks much older
    That's my verdict ;) x

  3. This is lovely. Thanks for visiting my space!

  4. Great moodboard! ♥ Love the pop of colour from the oranges. :)
    Interesting links too.

  5. Ugh I feel you on summer school :( It can be a real bummer. OMG THAT PUPPY VIDEO. I can't handle the cuteness. Her little whining noises were too much. Also, I refuse to accept that's Zooey Deschanel. Just nope. Bring back the bangs, lady.

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  6. life like that, without prettiness and creative bits, is unhappy and colorless. sometimes pinterest shows up just when you need it, and can't quite feel creative about anything else quite yet.

  7. I love that quote about New York, so much that I want to make a wallpaper that says that for my phone or something. I'm sorry about school by the way, I hate going to school in the Summer for that reason but what can you do I guess. Good luck getting through Economics! I don't mean that sarcastically PS, ha I sincerely wish you luck with it.

  8. I know the feeling. My life is work, work, work, sleep (maybe). Where is all the time for fun stuff like I imagined there would be as a grown up?! x

  9. Love this idea! Such a pretty collection.


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