I'm back!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

hey, blog! remember me?

i've been away for the past couple days on account of graduating from college! wooooooo! 

it hasn't really sunk in yet. oddly enough, i still have to take a few summer classes which might explain why it seems so surreal. you graduated! now, back to school. still, it was a big day. caps and gowns, balloons, bouquets, pomp and circumstance, and lots of tears (mostly from me). also, lots of family.

j & i have both had family in town for the past week.
there's something nice about having a house full of people. it was loud and crazy and just what i needed. i'm already feeling nostalgic for the past  week. there are little reminders all around the apartment of the past few days - bouquets of flowers from family and friends, leftover cake and watermelon in the fridge from different parties, graduation cards sprinkled across our windowsills. i'm not ready for it to be over!

having my mom here was so nice. like mother like daughter, she has been just as busy as me, so by the time her plane landed we were both ready for a little vacation. there was a handful of things we wanted to do while she was here, and we were able to do them all! (except for wine tasting - we took a rain check on that one) sometimes no matter how much you plan, vacations can end up being more stressful than anything else. but luckily for us, this week was pretty perfect. things just fell into place. we took our time, didn't rush, and played things by ear. we went on long walks, enjoyed late breakfasts, watched movies, and even spent an entire day at the spa. it was very luxurious indeed.

as far as pictures go, stay tuned.
if you don't already know, my life is a constant comedy. so to nobody's surprise, my camera died right in the middle of the ceremony. classic me! (who forgets to charge their camera before their own graduation?) thankfully there were plenty of iPhones in the crowd, so my phone has been beeping all day with snapshots from different camera phones.

it's amazing how quickly vacations fly by (and how slowly our work days can drag on). hi ho hi ho, today it's back to work i go. i can't complain, though. this has been a pretty great week.

What have I missed? What have you been up to?


  1. "you graduated! now, back to school." haha. congratulations anyway!! happy to hear you had a nice vacation.

    It's a blessed week for my best friends, their wedding stuff are all around the corner. I'm so excited for the big day!

    wishing you a nice weekend!

  2. ah congrats on graduating!

  3. Congratulations on graduating. I just found your lovely blog and so don't know what you studied, but wonder if it was related to photography. Your photos are beautiful. Happy first day of summer!

  4. Congratulations on graduating!!! My graduation ceremony is in a couple of weeks and I'm so so so so excited. Must have been a great day with your family to see you...I think there will be tears here too!



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