Saturday at the Market

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On account of it being sunny for the first time in about six months, the Saturday Farmer's Market is finally back in town. Okay fine, so it probably has nothing to do with being sunny but it sure is convenient timing! I love Market season. People are always in a good mood, walking around with their bags full of carrots and tulips and jars of homemade honey (*recyclable bags, of course). My favorite part is the salted caramel ice cream. Mmmm.

As someone who loves cold weather more than most people, I'm surprised at how much I've been enjoying the sun. I remember when I was moving to Oregon, people kept warning me about SAD - the Seasonal Affective Disorder (which, according to Web MD is still "a mystery", hehe). Essentially, people start getting depressed after not seeing the sun for so many weeks or months at a time. Ha! Is that silly or what? At the time, I was moving to Oregon from California so I wasn't too worried. I had had enough sun to last me a lifetime.

However. As ridiculous as a seasonal disorder sounds, it might be a little bit true for some of these native Oregonians. I swear, people go crazy for the sun around here. It doesn't matter if it's 50 degrees or 70, if the sun is out, so are the shorts and the sandals and the sunscreen (and all the pasty white legs that have been hiding under jeans and boots for the last few months - eek!).

Anyhow. Sunny weather has been treating us pretty well. We've been sleeping with our windows open at night (which I love!) and are being woken up by the sun instead of a million different alarms. I have to admit, it's pretty nice to ride bikes without having to put on 8 jackets first. To be able to have dinner outside. To order lemonade instead of hot tea. To walk to class without getting drenched in the rain in between. To have to shop for a few new spring outfits. ;)

I'll always be thrilled with a day of rain, but I suppose this sunny weather isn't so bad after all.

Which do you prefer, colder or warmer weather?


  1. What you describe - being woken by the sun, going to the farmer's market, sounds like a dream! Sadly, the sun said good-bye already again after two nice days last week. Still waiting for Spring...still, your pictures look great and it sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Love your pictures! I'm totally on board with a start of season shop - we are going into autumn in my part of world, and I'm finding it the perfect excuse to buy new things! x

  3. Yes! I, too, am so glad Market season is finally here. I have been waiting ALL year for it.

    I am really lucky to have a Saturday Farmer's Market just blocks away from my house. Last weekend was the first (ever) opening of it in that particular area of the city. I was fortunate enough to be able to swing by during my lunch break. It was MASSIVE. I can not wait to start shopping there every weekend! Ahh... it's the small things. :)

    I'm originally from the South and so I do enjoy the heat + the rain...although not so much the humidity. Luckily, California doesn't have much of that! :) Such a beautiful state, I love it here. :)

    Also, thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. I am so thrilled to have *met* you!

  4. i love farmers market season! and i love the rainy 50 degree weather just as much as i love sunny 60/70 degree weather. but that's all. ha, i am not a fan of extreme temperatures.. and oddly, i still live in michigan, who is queen of bipolar weather. but the seasons are beautiful and real, which i love.

    i am so with you on those lovely spring changes :) iced coffee, yay!

  5. love love love these photos! lately, warmer weather...but in january id tell you cold. ;)

  6. warm, sunny weather!

    I know it's not very original, and I wish I could change it but I'm realizing lately how much my mood is affected by the weather! when it's overcast for more than a few hours, I'm this pensive weirdo and so not myself- which is a bummer!

    these market photos are gorgeous! I love the colorful chard!


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